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Cryo Treatments Offered

Whole Body Cryotherapy

 Whole Body Cryotherapy exposes the outer surface of your skin to a hyoer-cold Nitrogen gas vapor for a controlled period of time, for up to three minutes. Overseen by our certified expert cryotechnicians, the treatment is entirely safe. 

Localized Treatments and Facials

Localized Treatments and Facials are available to compliment Whole Body Cryotherapy.  A controlled stream of cool air can be applied as a facial or to other specific problem areas and injury sites. 


CRYOSKIN is our newest added treatment!  If you have a few stubborn inches to eliminate or toning. We know you are going to love it!! CRYOSKIN, a non-invasive session for slimming and toning that utilizes the science behind apoptosis.  Call for more information! 


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